Elizabeth Dillett, Wisconsin Teacher, Gets Two Years in Prison For Having Sex with Teen

Elizabeth Dillett, a 31-year-old former kindergarten teacher, has been sentenced to two years behind bars for having sex with a teenager.

Dillett pleaded guilty in October to two felonies – two counts of sexual assault of a child by a person who works or volunteers with children.  

“She preyed on my son and used our friendship for access to him,” said the victim’s father in court Friday. “I blame myself for trusting her.”

Elizabeth Dillett

At one point, Dillet begged the boy’s parents not to turn her in.

Texts sent to the boy’s dad that were later revealed to the court said she was prepared to “do anything to keep her name out of the public.” 

Dillett, who initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, was athletic director at St. Peter-Immanuel Lutheran School and taught kindergarten.

The victim was not a current student at the school.

It is believed that the pair got to know one another through athletics training; Dillett first had sex with the teen at her home in late February.

Another sexual encounter occurred in March, at the school; Dillett gave the boy condoms for each session, according to the authorities.

She had been on paid leave since April, when the allegations first went public. Prosecutors described Dillett as manipulative and predatory.

The victim’s father also made a statement in court describing how her son’s innocence was stolen, addressing the courtroom:

“We have recognized that our son believed that he was in a healthy relationship. His opinions regarding relationships [is now] distorted.”

In court, Dillett apologized to her family, and the victim’s.

“I broke your trust and our friendship. I know I crossed the line with your son and your family and it was very inappropriate of me,” Dillett said.

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