Couple Serves Severed Heads Wedding Cake in Texas

Take note, idiots who dressed as the burning Twin Towers: THIS is how you celebrate Halloween!

Texas couple David and Natalie Sideserf exchanged vows late last month and then took the “Till death do us part” aspect to a new, awesomely creepy level via our favorite wedding cake of 2013.

It depicts a pair of bloody, severed heads and it was made by Natalie herself, who owns Austin bakery Sideserf Cake Studio.

Severed Head Wedding Cake Served in Austin

“It was perfect for us,” Natalie said. “Halloween [was] coming, my husband loves horror movies … and I like sculpting humans.”

So there you have it. Simple enough.

How did guests react? In both shock and appreciation, Natalie told ABC News, signaling out one relative and saying:

“My grandma did look twice, but in the end she said she appreciated the detail and how realistic it was.”

This would be the opposite of the wedding cake disaster a woman tried to sell on eBay in August. Well done, Natalie and David!

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