Kate Middleton Pregnancy Fashion: All Hail the Duchess of Style!

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy fashion has been receiving rave reviews.

Now it’s even the subject of People Magazine‘s new cover story!

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Fashion

It’s easy to see why the Duchess of Cambridge is so popular. 

A newlywed and loving, devoted wife, mother-to-be of the newest future king or queen and a gracious, charming public figure … what’s not to love?!

A style icon since the moment her engagement to Prince William was announced, impeccable Kate Middleton fashion continues to captivate the world.

She shows signs of slowing down, even in maternity wear.

Kate Middleton People Magazine Cover

From hairstyles to hemlines, mixing high fashion and High Street, Kate continues to school the world in the art of dressing for two with style, grace and fun.

She also has the most well-dressed baby bump ever. Check out our gallery of Kate Middleton baby bump photos for all the evidence you need.

Among her tricks: Keep it classic, distract from (or accentuate) the bump with a go-to clutch bag; and don’t wear maternity clothes if you don’t have to.

“Kate is clearly a very confident, healthy woman who is comfortable in her own skin,” says designer Max Mara’s creative director, Laura Lusuardi.

That’s good, since Kate’s every move is studied, copied and discussed, a trend that isn’t likely to change when she becomes a mom in mid-July.

What do you think she’s having?

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