Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Welcome Israel Dillard: 4 Grandkids & Counting, Going on 200!

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have done the math.

Having recently welcomed their fourth grand-baby in Israel David Dillard, the parents of 19 are well on their way to triple digits in the grandchild department.

Or twice that, given how this family rolls!

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar – 4 Grandkids & Counting!

“What a blessed time this is as we welcome our new grandbaby little Israel,” Michelle said in a video message posted on the Duggars’ official Facebook.

“We are just so thankful for all of our friends and those out there who have been praying for our family. Thank you so much,” the mother of 19 added.

“Four grandkids and counting, going on 200,” Jim Bob joked to conclude the brief message welcoming the arrival of Jill Duggar’s first child, a baby boy.

Soon enough, it will be five; Anna Duggar is pregnant with Josh’s fourth as we speak.

Making it to 100 would seem like a stretch, let alone 200; John-David and Jana Duggar are still single at 25, and Jessa Duggar is not even pregnant yet!

By Duggar family standards, these twenty-somethings are full-on slacking. Step it up!!

We kid, of course, and when there are 19 total options for grandchild production, and the family doesn’t believe in birth control … you can’t rule anything out.

There will be plenty of Duggar rugrats to go around, even if that figure is way too high. There’s no disputing that, and we’ll be excited about every one.

As for grandchild #4 and how he’s doing since his grand, belated entrance last week?

It’s been less than six days since Jill Duggar gave birth, and the new mom is already settling into motherhood. Husband Derick Dillard wrote on Saturday:

“As Jill and I are settling in back at home after the birth of our firstborn, we wanted to thank everyone for the amazing support we’ve received from so many during this time.”

“Your thoughts and prayers mean so much to us. We love you all! #blessed #grateful”

While there haven’t been any new photos posted of Israel since his birth, we’ll soon get to see him come into this world in a very special TLC event.

If you watch 19 Kids and Counting online May 5, all the questions about Jill’s birth – such as whether she had to have a c-section – will be revealed!

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