Jay-Z: Beyonce is NOT Pregnant!

Beyonce is not pregnant after all, according to her better half.

Jay-Z reportedly told an NYC DJ that the rumors are false.

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Speaking via email with Hot 97, NYC’s most preeminent hip hop station, Hov denied the long-rumored story that he got Beyonce pregnant again.

It was revealed on a radio broadcast today that Jay emailed the director, Ebro Darden, to say that despite the chatter, the pregnancy rumor is false.

“I hit him up to say congratulations, send my love to the fam,” Darden revealed, but the rapper-mogul told him flat-out that “it’s not true,” he said.

Well … that comes as something of a surprise, doesn’t it?

For her part, Bey slammed the rumors and the “lowlife” people who report and believe them, but didn’t deny anything. Jay’s denial would be their first.

The pregnancy speculation really heated up after she canceled a concert in Belgium, then dropped the catch-all “exhaustion and dehydration” card.

That, plus the non-denials, seemed to confirm it. Then E! News reported, citing reliable sources, that she was, so it seemed legit … but perhaps now.

Either it was false from the start or they’re playing it close to the vest for now so she can focus on trying to complete her Mrs. Carter Show tour.

What do you think: Is Beyonce pregnant?

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