Twins Hold Hands in Incubator After Birth, World Gets Chills

Take a look at this remarkable image of twins holding hands in an incubator just after their birth and you’ll see why it’s getting worldwide attention.

The striking display, which doctors say was “instinctive,” came after Danel and Maria were delivered by C-section at a hospital in Spain. See below:

The twins “each looked different ways and yet they naturally joined hands,” Dr. Javier Rodriguez told the Spanish-language wire service EFE.

Rodriguez said it’s the first time he has seen anything like it. As the pair interlocked their hands and fingers, a nurse managed to capture the moment.

And that’s how the twins, now four months old, became web celebs.

Proud parents Naiara and Mario Morales told a local newspaper that they could not believe how much the photo has been shared around the globe.

Having seen it, we’re not surprised in the last.

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