Kate Middleton Baby Countdown: IT’S ON!!

The countdown to the birth of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby is ON!

So Us tells us in its new cover story … which basically reveals nothing new.

Still, Kate Middleton is beautiful and seems cool, so what’s not to like?

Kate Middleton Baby Countdown!

After all, the royal couple has been extremely tight-lipped regarding baby names or even its gender, so don’t expect non-stop updates a la Kim Kardashian.

That’s the thing about William and Kate. Thoroughly modern monarchs, the couple seems determined to give their child as normal a life as possible.

Ditching the army of staff Prince William had as an infant, they plan to let the baby sleep in their bedroom and raise it themselves. What a concept!

Reportedly closer and more in love than ever due to her pregnancy, the pair wants to make their new arrival comfortable while keeping it all low-key.

Not sure how low-key it can be when you’re talking about the future king or queen, but it really does seem like their heads and hearts are in the right place.

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