Shanna Moakler on Breastfeeding: Incestual! Gross!

Turns out, there’s one thing Shanna Moakler hates more than Carrie Prejean.

The former Miss USA and beauty pageant judge was asked about breastfeeding this week by TMZ – and proceeded to make her feelings known in a way that may not sit well with millions of moms around the world.

Shanna Moakler Photograph

Deeming the act “incestual” and “gross,” Moakler explained that she just looks at breasts “as, like, sexual.”

Shanna, the mother of three, added that she may just be “selfish” and concluded that she’s down with others who choose to feed their children in such a manner.

It just isn’t for her.

Moakler’s take stands in stark contrast to that of Amber Rose, who finds breastfeeding painful yet worthwhile.

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