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Danielle Busby Gives Birth to First All-Girl Quintuplets in U.S. History!

Quintuplets are a rare sight by any measure, but Danielle Busby of Houston, Texas, and her husband Adam welcomed ALL-GIRL quintuplets last week.

The last time that happened anywhere in the world was 1969, and it’s a U.S. first!

Danielle Busby, Husband Welcome All-Girl Quintuplets

Danielle and Adam made international news when she delivered the quints at 28 weeks pregnant. They weighed between 2 lbs., and 2 lbs., 6 oz.

She reportedly delivered all five of her daughters in just four minutes, and was able to hold one of the (very) little girls for the first time earlier this week.

The Busbys, who already have a four-year-old daughter, spoke about how well their babies are doing and how they’re holding up in the video above.

They also told Today about what they’ve been through, and the outpouring of support.

“It was an emotional downpour,” Danielle said in an interview with the NBC show.

“I got to hold her two days ago and I got to hold [her sister] Ava last night.”

“It’s been hard to see your baby in the isolettes, but that moment where you finally get to touch your baby and hold them, there’s no better feeling than that.”

With the babies on oxygen, Adam talked about how precious and tiny they are.

“I’m still getting used to changing them right now in the NICU,” he said.

“It’s pretty overwhelming … they’re so tiny. Their legs are this big around, and whenever they kick, I don’t want to grab them firmly because I’m scared I’m going to break them.”

Dr. Alexander Reiter, who delivered the girls along with a dozen other medical staff, “Danielle is a trooper, and her positive attitude definitely shined through.”

Congratulations to the new parents on their FIVE perfect arrivals … and here’s hoping they have a small army of relatives and sitters on speed dial!

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